​Childhood trauma stems from many events and circumstances that affect a child's development - from violence, abuse and neglect to the loss of a parent or sibling.  

Please Help Us Help our youth, who are suffering from trauma because of sexual exploitation and community violence. Another Choice, Another Chance has started The Sacramento Child Trauma Treatment Center to ensure that youth receive appropriate assessments and intervention , because the effects of trauma on a youth can last a lifetime- at a hug cost to children, families and society.  Another Choice, Another Chance is helping youth who are experiencing hardship from the long term affects of sexual abuse and community violence. 

The effects of our childhood don't have to effect our adulthood, with the proper help and support, our youth can live a life free from the negative influences of childhood trauma.  But they need your help and we need your support to continue to provide culturally sensitive services. Please donate to Another Choice, Another Chance, Sacramento's Child Trauma Treatment Center to help make a difference, today!  We believe if we all leverage our resources, we can and will make a difference.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 in the next 60 days, to ensure that youth who are in need of treatment, won't have to continue to suffer duing 2018....  won't you please join us.  Donate Now!